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Local Action Group (LAG) Hunsrueck

LEADER in the Hunsrueck region 2023 to 2029

Local Action Group (LAG) Hunsrueck

The Hunsrueck Local Action Group (LAG) is a public-private partnership consisting of representatives of the public administration, economic and social partners and civil society. The LAG members have drawn up a Local Integrated Rural Development Strategy, which serves as the basis for implementing the LEADER approach in the region.

The LAG also decides on the selection of project applications for financial support. It evaluates its strategy and develops it further, supports project sponsors and provides guidelines for the work of its office. This is located at the Regionalrat Wirtschaft (Regional Economic development), which also fulfils the tasks of regional management.

The Hunsrueck LAG is responsible for a defined area that is orientated less towards administrative boundaries than towards uniform natural, economic and cultural areas and encompasses large parts of the Hunsrueck.

Parts of the counties of Bad Kreuznach, Bernkastel-Wittlich, Cochem-Zell and Rhein-Hunsrueck.

1,170 km²

107,660 (as at 31/12/2020)

Population density
92.02 PE/km²

The Hunsrück LAG has 33 voting and 4 non-voting (advisory) members.

The Hunsrueck Region

The Hunsrueck is a low mountain region surrounded by the rivers Rhine, Moselle, Saar and Nahe. For many centuries, the area was essentially characterised by forest and agriculture. To this day, the proportion of forest is over 40 per cent. The importance of agriculture has declined significantly in economic terms and in terms of jobs, but agricultural land continues to characterise the landscape.
A few small towns with fewer than 10,000 inhabitants and many small and medium-sized villages characterise the Hunsrück. At the turn of the millennium, many of these communities were still struggling with vacancies and significantly declining population figures, but the trend has now reversed. Although the number of deaths is still higher than the number of births, more and more young people are returning to the Hunsrueck or moving here from the urban centres.
Formerly structurally and economically weak, the Hunsrueck has now developed into a prosperous economic region. A large number of small and medium-sized companies in industry, trade and services offer many interesting jobs. One challenge today, however, is the lack of qualified skilled labour.

The region is also only partially suitable for young people. Although nature offers many opportunities for leisure activities and there are many training and job opportunities available, there is sometimes a lack of opportunities for participation and shaping one's own living environment.
Some organisations, often run on a voluntary basis, are making efforts to promote culture in the countryside, but the offerings are still poorly networked and there is often a lack of prospects for expanding the cultural scene and a lack of new talent.
The progressive ageing of society requires new solutions for living together in the villages. New social meeting places and care structures as well as alternative forms of housing are in demand. Mobility and basic services are also issues that require innovative solutions.
The Hunsrueck LAG addresses these issues in its development strategy.

Development goals and fields of action

Development goals and fields of action of LAG Hunsrueck

Transnational Projects

The LAG Hunsrueck has experience in cooperation with Local Action Groups from other countries of the European Union. Several successful transnational projects with different partners have been implemented during the last years. Working together on common tasks with European partners is the best way to avoid xenophobia and to build a Europe of well connected regions who can all benefit.

We are open for new partners and new ideas!

Contact Details

c/o Regionalrat Wirtschaft Rhein Hunsrueck e.V.
Koblenzer Strasse 3
55469 Simmern

phone: +49 (0) 6761 96442-0
fax: +49 (0) 6761 96442-15
e-mail: info@rhein-hunsrueck.de