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Local Action Group (LAG) Hunsrück

European Leader-Programme in the Hunsrück region 2014 to 2020

The Hunsrück region, a low mountain range between the Rhine, Moselle and Nahe rivers, uses, like during the last funding period, funds of the European Union during the period from 2014 to 2020 to enhance this rurally structured area.

Local Action Group (LAG) Hunsrück

The area of the LAG Hunsrück is a coherent natural landscape in the German federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate and comprises parts of five different counties. It comprises 1.306.85 square kilometres and is inhabited by ca. 115.000 people. A population density of about 89 inhabitants per square kilometre given, the area is rurally formed. Most of the 195 communities have less than 1.000 inhabitants and in the biggest town Simmern live less than 8.000 people. Nevertheless, the region does grow economically faster than the average of the federal state of Rhineland- Palatinate. This is strongly connected with the Frankfurt-Hahn airport that is situated within the LAG area and that excellently connects the region with several destinations in Europe.

The LAG Hunsrück as board consists of 36 persons, the larger part of them from economic and social partners as well as representatives of civil society. In addition the board consists of representatives of local authorities and other institutions.

The Hunsrück Region

Traditionally, the whole region is imprinted by agriculture and forestry. Only a few larger industrial plants are located in the Hunsrück area. Crafts are the main branch of economic activity. Lots of employed persons commute to their workplace outside the region every day. Due to the high quality of live and the attractive countryside, the Hunsrück will remain a favoured place of residence in the future. From the touristic point of view, the region presents a gorgeous mosaic of ancient cultural landscape and wooded mountain ranges with a multitude of picturesque small towns. Especially the Frankfurt-Hahn airport offers very positive possibilities for the development of tourism. Agriculture underwent a significant structural change in recent years. For the future agriculture is well positioned due to its turning to renewable primary products and the production of high-quality goods. In 2004 the District of Rhein-Hunsrück, the largest community in terms of area in the region of the LAG Hunsrück, won the international LivComAward as most liveable community.

Areas of Activity and Fields of Action

Within the areas of activity the following fields of action shall be dealt with and be implemented in projects:

Transnational Projects

The LAG Hunsrück has experience in cooperation with Local Action Groups from other countries of the European Union. Several successful transnational projects with different partners have been implemented during the last years. Working together on common tasks with European partners is the best way to avoid xenophobia and to build a Europe of well connected regions who can all benefit.

We are open for new partners and new ideas!

Contact Details

c/o Regionalrat Wirtschaft Rhein Hunsrueck e.V.
Koblenzer Strasse 3
55469 Simmern

phone: +49 (0) 6761 96442-0
fax: +49 (0) 6761 96442-15
e-mail: info@rhein-hunsrueck.de